mary wilson: artist –  BA (HONS), FdA

based:    Bedfordshire



‘Art and ‘the moment’
Life is ever changing and challenging. Part of the challenge is to find the flow…

Mary Wilson explores life, nature, time, being……  diversity and adaptability, conflict and confluence,  peace and healing, continuity and collaboration.

Processes can reveal scale, beauty, detail, colour, feelings, mood or concepts that might be normally overlooked in the everyday.

Her primary, evocative Glass Sculptural Forms are sometimes complemented by Paintings.


Glass  – exemplifies free flowing expression, with interesting and often beautiful form and effect.


Painting  – evolves from figurative experience – to more abstract, as creative processes evolve and affect the outcomes.

Combining these two art forms may assist interpretation.


Other works  – include Ceramics, photographs, and large-scale projects.